Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hormones Stress Response for Men and Women and Weight Loss Diets

You’ve probably heard that if you sleep longer than other people, you will lose weight. You’ve probably also heard that people who suffer chronic stress because of the hormone “cortisol” are dealing with weight problems and most specifically belly fat around the waist. This is also due to another problem related to high cortisol and that is insulin resistance.

People with high cortisol levels and insulin resistance are those who wake up between 2 – 4:00 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. It is all connected: stress, high cortisol levels, and insulin resisitance. This leads to weight gain especially around the waist. It happens to women in their early 40s and to men a little bit later.

What is going on at the same time is that for women, they are losing their hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. This comes at the time in life known as menopause. For men, it is andropause, when they also lose progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and their estrogen becomes unbalanced. This menopause weight gain, or middle aged weight gain is totally related to stress and hormones.

You must first visit a doctor to have a hormone test to find out which of your hormones needs replacing and then you need your own personalized prescription for bioidentical hormones. Because until you balance your hormones you will not be able to lose weight, so this is the first step.

Next you have to find a diet that will assist in developing and maintaining opitimal health as you grow older and then you need something like a hormone diet which will give you the nutrition you need at this point in your life and help you balance your hormones.

You will find at this stage in your life that you cannot eat sugar, white refined carbohydrates anymore. If you do, it will mean instant weight gain and raising and then plummeting blood sugar levels. You do not want this to be happening. There are some diets out there that are specifically designed to help you lose weight at this point in your life. Suzanne Somers has a Somersizing, Dr. Oz has a menopause diet and another hormone diet has been designed by Dr. Natasha Turner.

These diets will help you regain your lost figure, lose the fat and gain energy and health. They also offer some pretty delicious food. You can buy these books online at Amazon or in your local book shop. The internet also offers some reviews of these diets so you can decide which one is best for you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lo Carb Diet Weight Loss

One of the most efficient ways to lose weight is not by counting your calories, but by counting carbs. The benefit of a low carbohydrate is faster weight loss because you are not consuming sugar or refined carbohydrates – food like flour, cookies, rice, and potatoes. If you are going to start on a low carb diet, the best advice I could give you is to throw out anything “white” in your cupboards and fridge. After you have done this, throw out all your processed junk food and any trans fats you may have hanging around.

There are many low carb diets for your to chose from. Your best bet is to read some diet reviews online or here at Another Lose Weight site. Let me first tell you about the best low carb diets out there on the market.

For those trying to lose weight when you have gained weight during menopause, a low carb or one of the hormone diets is the best way to go. Gaining weight when you approach menopause is unfortunately easy because your body metabolism slows down and your body turns sugar to fat. There are various hormone diets such as the Hormone Diet by Dr. Turner, the Dr. Oz diet and Suzanne Somers “Somersizing” diet – all good to follow if you are trying to lose menopause weight.

The South Beach Diet is an excellent diet to try. I managed to do it for the first two weeks because I followed it strictly. Towards the end of the second week, I was starting to feel extremely weak because of the lack of carbs and sugar, but I actually managed to lose 13 pounds. I could see the weight peel off my waistline which was very encouraging. What I liked about this diet was the fact that it was very easy to follow and easy to eat out with. The diet consists of eating three meals a day, each meal consisting of a protein with at least a cup of vegetables. The diet lists the lean meats, fish, low fat cheese and poultry you can eat and the permitted vegetables. You are allowed two snacks per day. Easy to follow, this diet is especially easy to follow when eating out. Just order a protein portion and a salad. For the first two weeks, there is no rice or other carb allowed. The diet works.

So when you are looking to lose weight, try a low carb diet. You can eat more on these diets, they are more satisfying and the results are more successful in that they are quicker.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another "How to lose weight?" Site

If you go to any website, you’re only going to hear the same thing but just in different variations. You will hear the growing theme that you need to burn more calories than you consume, you need to exercise, you need to eat the right foods, and have the will power. Wow, that is news to me! All kidding aside, yes, that is correct but you already know this, though, the true key is a lifestyle change is needed to lose weight.

Will power is often hard. Everyone knows the basic of losing weight but your will power usually gives in, in the long run, unless you make big lifestyle changes. So how do I make lifestyle changes? Here are some simple changes:

  1. Drink plenty of water (if you’re a coffee drinker and can’t cut out coffee, try to drink it with less sugar and have mike instead of cream but try to drink more water during the day and less coffee. Here is a tip, buy a case of water and place it under your desk at work. You will find yourself drink more water during the day.
  2. Eat many small meals during the day (this helps your system to maintain itself throughout the day go but not overloading it). Bring some fruits like oranges or apples or nuts with you and snack on it throughout the day.
  3. Now how about those things you use to do when you’re younger. Start joining a club that is related, even if it’s not too strenuous it’s ok. Anything to get you away from going home and sitting on the couch and watching TV all the time (and no I didn’t mean going to a bar and drinking with your buddies) Now what if I have kids and just don’t have the time? Find an activity you can do together. Even a walk in your area goes a long way. What you are trying to do is stay active, I know you’re tired after work but just do something, it’s not much more of your time. I got our kids a paper route and I walk with them. Be productive at the same time - is the key!!!
  4. Pack your lunch – this is a big change but is needed. Fast food most of the time is the killer. If you can’t, don’t order a combo meal then, just order the hamburger etc, and avoid what usually come with it like French fries, chips, and Pop. Just bring your own water. If you can at least do that, you are way ahead of the game.
  5. Sugar Sugar Sugar, refined Sugar, I believe this is the biggest reason for obesity around the world. Soda Pop is one of the biggest ( I do not buy soda pop anymore, even the diet ones, they are just no good period). Juices, I don’t buy all the time either now. When growing up I was a skinny kid just drink milk all the time. I have gone back to that. I notice once I was older and moved out of the house, I drank Juice and pop most of the time and the amount of sugar daily I must have been having as staggering. IF you can do this and cut out the sugar most of time, you will see the weight magically come off even without exercise.
  6. Ok and finally….you need to cheat a little and I am not talking about your partner. I usually have my cheat days on the weekends. I will have some sugary stuff or unhealthy food but just don’t go overboard. Have some but not a lot. Though most of the week I am good. This will help you keep all you good habits for the long run.
  7. There is a number seven? This is everything you already know about losing weight so I am not going into it.

In conclusion, just get out there and start doing other things you enjoy and change some minor eating habits you have. You don’t need to lose like 50 pounds in 2 months like on the biggest loser show. The pound will just come off before you know it.